Appointments & Prices

What happens in a hypnotherapy appointment?

The first appointment starts with you telling me about yourself, both generally and specifically in relation to your concern.  We’ll also discuss hypnosis, how it works and how it can be used to help you. 

You can ask any questions you want and, together, we’ll agree the content of each hypnosis session before we do it.  It is important for me to know that you are comfortable with every part of the process.

We’ll end the session with hypnosis, assuming you are happy to do so.  After this, you will be able to go about your day absolutely normally – you are likely to leave in a very positive frame of mind.  You will also most likely be able to remember everything from the session – both from our initial discussion and during hypnosis.

How many sessions will be needed?

The process by which hypnotherapy changes behavioural patterns in the subconscious means it is one of the quickest of the talking therapies.  Despite this, it is still not always possible to give a precise number of sessions.  Generally, 2 or 3 are necessary, though occasionally more can be needed – it simply depends on the condition and how it is affecting you.

  1. Sessions are normally one week apart to give you time to recognise any changes.  They can be further apart if necessary.
  2. In all cases, I commit to keeping the number of sessions to a minimum. 


Weekdays (9 - 5pm) £60.00
Evenings (starting 5pm or later) £66.00

Fees shown are per hour.  Over-run is charged pro-rata up to the nearest 15 minutes.


Payment is taken electronically by card at the end of each session.

Late arrivals, Cancellations & Deposit

Appointments can be cancelled or postponed up to 48 hours before the appointment time.

A payment link will be sent by text or email for a deposit when the appointment time is agreed.  The room cannot be booked until the deposit is paid, so please pay promtly. The deposit is £24.00 and will be redeemed against the cost of the final appointment.

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment so we can start on time.  All appointments will end at the pre-allocated time to be fair to subsequent clients.  Late arrivals will be charged for the full time allocated.

Giles Norbury is based at The Wellness Space in the peaceful countryside on the Shropshire - Herefordshire - Worcestershire border.