Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety is a form of fear – generally, it has been learned from experiencing (or perhaps witnessing) an unpleasant event.  We all feel anxiety from time to time and, at a low level, it is even helpful in releasing adrenalin to prompt a quick, helpful response to a situation. 

Naturally, there is a conscious reaction, perhaps fear or grief, as a result of an unpleasant experience.  This conscious reaction is then imprinted into the subconscious as the default behaviour or belief and so will continue to cause distress in related circumstances. 

Anxiety is a learned behaviour which is why some people become more anxious at certain times than others.  This could be about being judged – by our family, friends, bosses, clients or an auditorium full of people.  Alternatively, it could come from a threatening experience, such as a car accident or falling from a horse.  There may even be a perceived threat from dentists, hospitals or many other situations.

The first objective is to gain a clear understanding of your concern, so that the subsequent hypnotherapy is personally focused.  A range of hypnotherapy techniques are available which focus on changing your belief about the perceived threat and your relationship to it.  This is to give you control over the issue, rather than it having control over you. 

Clinical Research:

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