Giles Norbury is a certified Sleep Assessor and Sleep Manager.  His treatment for insomnia is the second generation, advanced form of CBTi known as the R.E.S.T. technique.   The R.E.S.T. technique has an 85% success rate in treating insomnia. 

Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTi) is the first line treatment for insomnia recommended by N.I.C.E. (National Insitute for Clinical Excellence) here in the UK, as well as by other worldwide organisations including the American College of Physicians.

CBTi does not involve hypnotherapy and the 85% success rate reflects this.  However, hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping clients overcome unhelpful beliefs and expectations about their sleep as well as release from bad habits.  Clients have a choice as to whether their treatment involves hypnotherapy.

CBTi provides a fast, effective and inexpensive treatment for insomnia and in nearly all cases with permanent results.  It does not involve the use of medication.

A bad night’s sleep is always followed by a challenging day, but when this happens repeatedly, it can have serious consequences on your general health, family and even work. A good night's sleep is within easy reach for you.

Mr. B was averaging 3-4 hours sleep a night for several years, often having as little as 90 minutes.  Having addressed some underlying concerns, he is now achieving his target of 7 hours of healthy sleep each night.  He achieved this within a period of 2-3 weeks.

Dear Giles - Thank you for helping me break the bad habit of spending half the night in sleepless turmoil!!  After many years of juggling with child rearing, I think I had forgotten the gentle art of relaxation and you have also helped me to rediscover that too!  Thanks to your professionalism and your time and effort; we had a pretty much instant result.  Mrs. P

My sleeping has been a lot better – I have had no nights where I have been awake for hours. I have been falling asleep more quickly and if I get up in the night have usually been able to get back to sleep within a short time.  The pattern seems a lot healthier and I feel as if I’ve had some good and super efficient nights’ sleep.  I recall your last message in our hypnosis session was about feeling more optimistic and I do think it’s stayed with me.  Whatever, I’m thinking that things will turn out OK in the end.  Ms P

Before coming to Severn Sleep, my sleep was regularly broken and unsatisfying. It had been so for some time and was getting worse. I felt sleepy in the day and often had unintended naps. The explanation about what was happening and how things could be improved was very helpful. It’s just two weeks since the new regime started and the improvement was evident after about a week. In short, I am well satisfied. Anon


Giles Norbury is based at the Spiro Chiro Clinic in Ludlow, Shropshire.

Mobile: 07799 625628