Panic Attacks & Blushing

Panic attacks and erythema (blushing) are natural responses to fear.  They stem from a natural “fight or flight” reaction, where adrenalin is released into our blood stream to hasten a dynamic response.  Coming face to face with an angry bull in a field, it is helpful for the adrenalin to prompt a quick response.  It even helps sharpen stage performances and presentations.  You may well notice a quickening heartbeat, rising body temperature, sweating, hyperventilation and possibly nausea both before and during the event.

That is all perfectly natural and appropriate, but it becomes a problem when this same reaction is experienced at inappropriate times.  The perception of threat is the key to this: very often it stems from judgment by other people rather than the event itself – your boss and work colleagues, the actor’s audience or the people in the queue at the supermarket.  The trigger could be anything, including the fear of another attack.  Most people know in advance where and when it will happen.

In the course of life, we experience events that leave an impression on us.  The first time we experience an event, our conscious mind analyses it and decides on a response.  That response becomes imprinted in the subconscious and from then onwards, it is the default reaction to that event (like a habit).  Most often that response is helpful, like with the bull in the field, but sometimes it can be inappropriate.

There are some preliminary dietary factors to consider, but it then becomes at matter of dealing with anxiety by changing the unhelpful beliefs in the subconscious. 

I am very willing to discuss this further with you and give general relaxation therapy, however, before addressing the core issue in more depth, I will need to ask you to visit your doctor for formal medical consideration.

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