Stopping Smoking & Vaping

Everyone is aware that there are consequences with smoking, however, each individual usually has one overriding motivation to quit.  Health is common, but there are many others.  The only important motivation is the one driving you to stop smoking - or vaping – right now.

Equally important factors are why people start and then continue to smoke – particularly when they are well aware of the consequences.

It is most likely true to say that no-one ever took their first drag on a cigarette and enjoyed it.  This prompts the question as to why they would then determinedly persist with it.  For many people it is about peer pressure and being part of the group.  For others it was originally about revolt, usually against parental control.

The determination to transmit this social message is so strong that the novice smoker is prepared to overcome the taste, the broader social stigma, the cost and the consequences on their health.  It becomes a habit, then an addiction is formed and the journey continues.

The objective of hypnotherapy is to help change the behavioural patterns and beliefs embedded in the subconscious – for smoking, these are the ones that were deliberately imprinted when you first started. 

In other words, hypnotherapy can remove or change the imprinted habit so that stopping smoking is no longer an exhausting battle for the conscious mind – i.e. battling the habit.  The process will also change your self-perception so you see yourself as a clean, healthy and wealthier person.

Clinical Evidence

Stopping Smoking is probably the one area for which hypnosis is most publicly acknowledged to work.  Furthermore, it has been clinically researched in numerous studies; one such study by Elkins et al. found that 81% of the patients had quit at the end of the study.

"After 35 years of smoking a pipe, I have now spent 5 months smoke-free, thanks to Giles.  I now notice that my clothes don't smell and I'm no longer concerned what my grandchildren are thinking about that old habit.  My lungs feel so much looser and I don't know whether to open or jump over gates!"  Mr W.

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